About HF Enviro Smart System


We are continually raising the bar on delivering innovative products that can provide clean, and comfortable indoor air, with affordability and convenience in mind. We looked at our customer’s needs and looked at how we can use new, evolving technology to provide them better and more convenient solutions to help them protect themselves and their families from effects of unhealthy indoor air.

Evolving technological developments has given us an opportunity to leapfrog existing home appliance functionality and convenience with the introduction of our new Enviro Smart Technology. We are using Enviro Smart to enhance the convenience of our popular air purifiers and humidifiers. A few years ago we looked at the available technology and decided that the timing and costing was right to build in connectivity between our products, and provide a smart application that would allow someone to manage our Heaven Fresh devices through an iOS or Android smart phone. These will be the first air purifiers and humidifiers in the world to be monitored, controlled and managed from the convenience of a free app on a smartphone. What’s great about this remote control technology is that it’s been engineered to meet interoperability standards, in order to work with other devices, and be affordable for everyone.