About Us

Innovative Devices for a Healthy life

Heaven Fresh has always been at the forefront of technology and trends in the market place. In 2003, we were among the first to bring down the cost of high quality air purifiers by selling them direct to consumers online. In order to increase scale and reduce consumer prices further, we started selling internationally in a number of markets including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and China. From the technology side, we were the first to deliver a true 7-stage air purifier with built-in sensors, auto response technology, and washable filters at a truly affordable price. That was followed by the introduction of an innovative Digital Ultrasonic humidifier that featured an intuitive touch-screen interface, a rechargeable filter, and auto sensing technology that measured and adjusted to the ambient moisture in the air. Both these products garnered 5-STAR ratings from customers at retailers such as Costco, Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Wal-Mart. Lowes, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Holding true to our belief in providing the most innovative and affordable products possible to help people live healthier lives, we are enhancing the convenience of our popular air purifiers and humidifiers once again with our HF Enviro Smart Connectivity Technology. 

Technology Alliance

In order to pursue and develop our new technology, we have joined the ALLSEEN technology alliance led by Microsoft. As part of this alliance, we are spearheading the push to develop this new smart, connectivity technology in small appliances. There are a number of large and influential members in this group.

Our Mission

Many people would agree that one of the biggest challenges that we face is maintaining good health in a contaminated and polluted world. 

At Heaven Fresh, our mission is to create affordable and effective household products that help our customers lead a healthy lifestyle. Everyone needs to take control of their health because of everything that we are exposed to in our living environments. We all need to be diligent in protecting our families from the constant bombardment of pollutants that permeate our outdoor and indoor environments. That’s why we’ve developed a complete line of household products to protect people from the daily assault of pollutants and toxins. That's also why we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology in making our products even better and more convenient to use.

Indoor air quality is a big concern for everyone, especially in the cold months of the year when the windows are closed. At Heaven fresh, we appreciate the importance of clean, purified air that is also comfortable for breathing, by maintaining a consistent humidity level. These are the driving forces behind our successful home appliances such as the NaturoPure HF380 Air Purifier and the HF710 Ultrasonic Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier.

How to Contact Us

For more information about our company, or to speak to our management about investment, strategic alliances, distribution, or becoming a supplier, please contact us at:

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